For wholesaler Tonga BV we did the redesign of there catalog’s. As Tonga calls it ‘the bible’.  There are 3 book: The Main Catalog, Tonga Brands and the Xsensual lingerie. The catalog’s needed a cleaner design with to the point information. The cover has a special coating which feels like rubber

Main catalog:

The main catalog contains all the products in Tonga’s collection. With over 600 pages it’s quite a book. To make such a book Studio Yumi automated the importation of all the data and images using data merge techniques. With the export from the database we got from Tonga we could easily make a book of this size.

Watch full main catalog

Tonga Brands:

Tonga has his own brands, to give these brands a little bit more attention they got there own little catalog. Using the same techniques as the main catalog Studio Yumi can make printable books out of big database files.
Watch full brandguide

Xsensual lingerie:

In 2012 Studio Yumi did the design for the Xsensual logo, a new brand by Tonga. The Xsensual catalog got a redesign as well with better, cleaner pictures and minimalistic design
Watch full Xsensual Catalog